Identify & Eliminate Inner 
Resistance to Becoming Wealthy Now

Live ‘Money Blocks’ Session

  August 25th, 5 pm EST

Only 10 spaces available- first come, first serve!!!


Identify & Eliminate Inner 
Resistance to Becoming Wealthy Now

Live ‘Money Blocks’ Session

  August 25th, 5 pm EST

Only 10 spaces available- first come, first serve!!!

It’s been two years since I’ve opened registration up for a Money Blocks session event.

You won’t want to miss this one!

I deliberated for quite a while before deciding that I need to get this tool into the hands of more people.

You see…I used this technique monthly in my Micro2Millions membership group with HUGE success.

But I had planned to only offer it to that dedicated group.

With their membership, I provided them step by step roadmap tools and support so that they could go from ZERO dollars to ANY level of wealth creation they desired.

I’ve witnessed how effective my microshifting methodology was to take these people in baby step increments towards their larger financial goals.

My students become millionaires.

But to be honest with you, they do experience blockages to success along the way…

They hit a plateau and struggle to get beyond it.

This can show up as:

  •  Resistance
  •  ​​Self-limiting beliefs
  • ​ Fear
  • ​Self-sabotage
  • ​ Self-doubt
  • ​ Low self-worth
  • ​Identity issues

Some struggle to accept and realize the full value of what they have to offer.

Or a block could show up as worry about what other people will think of you or want from you.

It could even be tied to a previous trauma you experienced!

All of this is a normal part of the growth journey.

That’s why I stepped in with my laser pinpointed intervention to identify and clear the blocks hindering our members’ progress.

Then they easily got to the next level of wealth creation.

It can be tricky to self-identify the blocks holding you back.

So, I’ve decided to make this opportunity available to you too. This is a gift that needs to be in the hands of more people.

Grab one of the 10 hot seat tickets available

To get your personalized money blocks session during the event for $97 AND BONUS ACCESS TO 30 DAYS GROUP COACHING CALLS!

This option WILL sell out within minutes–act quickly!

Or watch the event for $7.
You will still benefit by observing how this work is done so that you can apply it to your own life.

Watch the event and keep the replay for $47. 
You can continue to apply this work to your own life with access to watch it again and again.

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Money Block Session

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Money Blocks Session